Welcome to the community! Introduce yourself!

Welcome to the community! Use this page to introduce yourself if you are new. Or if you aren't new, still, introduce yourself to new people!

I'm @slate_technologies and I like coding and engineering.

Best forum post: How to make an enemy AI agent for your top-down games

Best project: DevSquare 0.3

Why? All those pieces of information are easily available. You can click on a user avatar and see

On the other forums, it was most annoying, that some stranger insists that you MUST do something irrelevant and offtopic. Any information someone wants and can share is a part of the profile.
As for more, let shared projects, problems solved, and discussions participation speak for you.

In a real-life, you do not expect each newly met person, to submit a bio and CV?

I'm @pajamaclaws21 and, uh, I'm relatively new to Snap- but not the blockly-type interface- and am coming from a different coding program (at this time I don't wish to disclose which one? so. um.) but I love the difference! It feels like Snap is 10x more powerful. It's been awesome so far.

hi. my name says it all.

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