Weird Write Block

Writing with a negative size writes in Sans Serif instead:

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I also noticed that the font size it uses is always 12, when you use any negative number.

I think we are just seeing some Snap! system defaults being applied when the size is invalid

I honestly like the fact we can have a font other than monospace, but the text will look different for other users which is unfortunate.

Yes, there should probably be a few options. This isn't a good way to do it though, and it doesn't even allow sizes other than 12.

i'm not sure if everyone would get size 12, many people change the default font size in their browser settings and i think it's likely the size comes from that.

this font bug should probably just be avoided because it's impossible to predict what it will do and will almost definetly be changed in a later version. if you really want a different font, you can do many things such as use a costume, stamp letters, draw letters with the pen, use a say, think, ask, or variable watcher, and probably a bunch of other weird features used in clever ways.

Here is a topic on a "collab" that happened:

Here is a link to blocks for writing stuff on the stage with a custom font:

Here are some blocks to make text italicized: