Weird thing with rings and any (unevaluated)

When I was messing around with metaprogramming and any (unevaluated), I made this:
libLisp script pic
When you run it, it makes a super weird ring:
libLisp script pic
When you call it, it just returns itself.

This isn't a crazy bug, just something funny I found.

It's not a bug, it's a feature.

It is? How could I use it in a program? That seems cool!

Actually, after doing some testing, I found out that if you drag it out of a result bubble, then call it, it returns itself, but if you call it from the original input, e.g. without dragging it out of the result bubble, it returns the string. But seeing as how it doesn't ever actually save in a project (the text is removed when you save and reload it), there's no practical use for them.

That makes sense, seeing how that is why any (unevaluated) exists!

That is quite weird, it's a ring, but instead of a block, it holds a text input.

Exactly. I really perplexed.

Yeah, not high on the priority list.