Weird satisfying animation thingy

This was originally supposed to be a rain animation but I messed up and had no idea how to fix it so I turned it into this. So yeah.



Thank you

Hey! :wave: Nice project!

thank you :)

No problem, always happy to help!

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You can learn more about raining animations on Khan Academy.
The Make It Rain project

Sorry I haven't replied sooner.

Em, I cannot go on KA anymore. You know why. Plus you can only use PJS, JS, HTML, CSS, and another one that I forgot there, which I honestly have no idea how to export the code to snap.

I know you can use variables to make animations, I just have no idea how to make it look like a natural rain animation.

I can help you with that.

Just port the Snap! code to JS.

yeah well I can't because I only know PJS, and don't have access to a JS or PJS editor which I can export code from.

I'll try to setup a Snap! project that has PJS in it.


Um how do I make a sprite go straight down until it is off of stage after starting in a random position?

I've attempted this

But it turns out like

your setting the position, to a random position, and then setting x and y to variables, which the x variable is being changed by another script, without first setting it to a starting value, and you didn't even set the y variable to anything (unless you did it off camera). What you really should do is this

Wow! Thanks.

its actually oddly satisfying