Weird gray square

As you can see, there's just... a random gray square that covers some of the letters. (i saw this in FAQ)

Yeah, that happens with long topic names. It's not a separate square; it's the invisible tops of the characters in the font.

When you simply copy a list, Snap! doesn't make an actual copy of it.

It just makes a note to itself that if a is a list, and you set b to a, then both a and b refer to the same data.

Its a technique that saves computer time and memory.

But it can catch people out who aren't aware of it and are only used to variables being unique

PS It still catches me out occasionally and I've been programming for over 40 years! :slight_smile:

ummm, this is for the forums, not in the editor

i dont think this is relevant to the topic

Sorry - I was answering the 1st line - my apologies :slight_smile:

oh, that was an image of the name of a topic that i saw the weird gray square, that wasn't actually from me