Weird call block

I was dragging a call block, when all of the sudden it turned into this weird thing:

[scratchblocks](call (@addInput::grey ring)@addInput(@addInput::grey ring)::control)[/scratchblocks]

And it shows up in the palette, too. You can drag the left ring out to get this:

[scratchblocks](call \[undefined]@addInput(@addInput::grey ring)::control)[/scratchblocks]

And now that I tried that, it's replaced in the palette with that. And also, if you put something in the right and drag it back out from that, you get this:

[scratchblocks](call \[undefined]@addInput\[undefined]::control)[/scratchblocks]

Upon clicking this block, you get this:

untitled script pic (4)

interesting... how did you get it like that?

Doing lots of "Redo"s ig.Duh.The redo function is too buggy to use

What if coder_07 did not know about the bugginess of undo/redo?

Oh right.I forgot that not everyone knows everything I know.

I knew they were buggy but I didn't think they were THAT buggy
P.S I almost typed "but I didn't they were THAT buggy"
P.P.S one time I used undo and it put the block in the complete wrong place