ok ok
i know this is like the one-millionth time I have posted a question about Javascript
but the reason why I ask here is that some of you have used WebSockets before
replit is a great site for WebSocket stuff
but when the repl sleeps the WebSocket does as well
I have considered using an iframe to boot up the server
But I need your views on this topic

Why do not use URL block as a ping to extra HTTP endpoint of your service?

Fetch? Imma try

Use UpTimeRobot or another pinger

The problem is that https://space-chaos--coder2195text.repl.co/ is considered invalid with UptimeRobot
Try it yourself

Also Snap version of JavaScript fetch, but won't the fetch fetch the repl waking up screen?

indeed it seem to be invalid with UptimeRobot

welcome and I have to remove https but it doesn't ping well anyways

It worked for me