We Need More Help Dialogues

There are many newer blocks that don't have help dialogues yet. I've figured most of them, but some are still mysterious: like define (block) [ ] and the new sound and new costume blocks.

Also, some help dialogues need updating, like [ ] to [ ].

New Snap! users will often look at the help dialogues but will be disappointed when they find that these blocks don't have a dialogue. Some are easy to figure out, but others like those mentioned in the first paragraph and blocks such as cut from and paste on.


There is someone, I can't remember who, that is (or was, idk if they're still doing it) creating the missing help menus. Of course, they are working on a new help dialog system, which is so much better. I have no idea when that'll be finished (it started a 1-2 years ago, or maybe even longer).

me and warpedwartwars

It's like a function with normal text-based programming languages. You define a function by its name and by any arguments you'd like to put in it. And if you don't know what an argument is, don't worry. All an argument is is just a variable and a value.

I don't know how to explain it. But I'm pretty sure anyone can explain it better than me.

Although I can't do anything for it very well anytime soon--I can't use paint.net (no Linux version and I can't use my Windows computer).

i'd reccomend krita, the ui is a bit more complex but it can do just about as much (slightly slower in a few areas, very fast and powerful for drawing) and isn't too hard to learn
it's what i've always used after switching to linux

I have Krita, but I'm so used to the paint.net controls and there's also the problem that I try to set one pixel to some color but it also sets the adjacent pixels.

use the pixel art brush, not the pencil tool or default brush

one of these in the brush panel (in your case the left one)

i would recommend making a new category of common brushes for the things you usually try to do (i have pixel art, erasers, flat color, clone stamp), note that you can also create custom brushes

keybinds and right click also probably help and i especially like shift+left click drag to resize the brush

I do use those, but it still has that problem.

Do either of you have any idea when you'll finish it?

IDK I haven't been doing them lately, and I haven't seen warped wart wars online anytime recently.

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