We need better help windows

Snap! reuses some of Scratch's old help windows, which don't explain enough details, such as move (delta #) steps, only explaining that you move forward 10, and move backward 10. That would lead to some confusion, so I created a new version that explains things that Scratch doesn't thoroughly explain.

Old forward.png New forward.png
Old version Tethrarxitet's version

In fact, some blocks don't even have help windows, like new costume, for example.

I added a little symbol on the bottom-left of the help window images which shows that this is my creation.

Also, my version is an SVG image, which I made Snap! open by changing the help image directory from *.png to *.svg. I had to convert the SVG to a PNG, since the images wouldn't load on the forums.

Do you mean bottom-left?

Here's my own version:

(font is Rubik)

I agree, some of them don't even have a help.

Fixed. I'm still editing this as its going on.

Yeah. The creation of help screens has stalled because we're in the process of converting to a more easily translatable format.

You have to assume you're writing for a total ignoramus (even though we don't have any total ignorami, everyone is ignorant about different things!), so, for example, in @tethrarxitet's screen I wouldn't use "delta" because the reader might not know that mathematical notation. Why not just "distance"? Also, "pixels" is wrong, or at least ambiguous. If you're not facing at a multiple of 90°, MOVE 1 STEPS doesn't move to the next pixel; it gets only 1/√2≈0.70711 of the way. That's why we say "steps" rather than "pixels" when talking about distances. (And if you have a 4K monitor, a step is two pixels, not one.) And you've left out that negative inputs move backward. I think you're too fixated on Cartesian coordinates, rather than supporting the abstraction of turtle geometry, with continuous distances rather than (integer) pixel distances. "But it doesn't move vertically" is another clue; you are privileging horizontal and vertical motion. "Horizontally relative to its rotation" doesn't make sense; horizontal is horizontal. Also, you mean "revolution," I think (but that'd still be wrong). Also, I think your font weight is too small to be readily readable. And you don't get to brand the help screens!

As for @ten_6044, that block has a perfectly good help screen already. What's with the extra PEN UP and PEN DOWNs? Users will think that's a requirement, when it isn't. And you're overcommenting your code; the comments on the PEN UP/DOWN blocks just make the program hard to read and make the user focus on what's not important here. And we can't really use help screen that don't look like the existing ones. Look at help/BLANK.png in the repo.

I don't mean to discourage you from contributing. But your contributions have to be edited until they're perfect. :~) Help screens for blocks that don't have them already are most important.

I often forget that not everyone uses Snap!, Scratch, or any other mod. My bad! :pensive:

Yes, I assume that I should clarify what delta # is...

I forgot about Scratch adding that, too.

I just meant that globally, it's moved in a different way as it would if it wasn't rotated.

This was meant only for my local version, not necessarily the website version, if the other devs ever planned to add my screens (which is highly unlikely, so I don't know why I'm getting my hopes up).

What's with Snap! not opening the help image, then? Maybe you forgot to add the image to the help folder?

I get that! I just want to share my opinion on how I think it would look, but, of course, nothing is perfect. :slight_smile:

I'm not disproving anything, I fully accept what you have to say, Brian. It's called constructive criticism! :wink:

Variables (which that is) should be self-documenting.

I know that's what you meant! I mean that you shouldn't mean that. You are violating the turtle abstraction by reducing it to Cartesian coordinates, even if only in your mind -- but it's not only in your mind; it crept out into the text you wrote. :~)


Works for me!


And here's another improvement that should be done. Some help screens say "Scratch" even though it is "Snap!", like:

Yeah, good catch. Tnx.

I made a help screen for the (combinations ()) block, as it does not have it. The OC face at the top-right means it's my creation:

(sorry if it is blurry)

I have a whole folder of remade help screens I made in 2022 and 2023

Why does the help screen need a watermark though

That's because it's my creation. But you can remove it using image editors if needed, that's NOT actually required :slight_smile:

Yeah we're not putting people's names on help screens. Don't make it hard for us to use your stuff.

For the COMBINATIONS block, a better example would have different input values and sizes, e.g.,

(not (LIST 1 2 3) so as not to confuse values with indices).

And this...