Water & =Run testers please

You can cheat and get him real quick to test him out.


the bullets spawn in the wrong places, but you can fix it by moving the GO TO character block in the script to the top

Can somebody link this please
I wanna play it, id happily help

my version:

Think I fixed it. Thank you for catching that bug!

Off to a great start.

This can be fixed if you just add a top part to this script in the stage


This allows new players

Should I do that to every stat?

you can just add a block to reset each stat inside the if loop.
you don't have to check if each one exists
like this:
water and equals run (my version) script pic
(also remove the separate script that loads them from the database obviously)

If it’s a Boolean then yes

Yea, because that means if one of them is missing all of them are
But that only works in this case

WOW. It just turned every block I ever made to undefined.

Any way to fix this.

I'm in a lot of pain right now.

you could maybe try restoring from a backup

if you click on open project, then click on a project and click the "recover" button, you'll be able to access backups. also my version of the project could be used as a backup.

Thank you for your version! I used it to remember what each undefined use to be. It took a little, but I replaced each undefined. Thanks for the version you made. I wouldn't have been able to do it without that. I made a backup project just in case that happens again. The reason it happened was because of some weird thing about my Snap! version. It always automatically goes to version 7.3.1. I can update it by resetting the tab while holding shift, but that can mess with my projects I guess.

yeah, one time recently i accidentally ruined one of my projects that way too, and I only got it back because of the recover feature.