Water & =Run testers please

I don't think I tested this game really well, so if it has any bugs, please inform me here. If you look up Water & =Run on the community page it should be the only project that shows up.

the movement is really slow, and the water spawns too high up. also, the plants wilt REALLY fast, which makes the game really hard. maybe you could add a cooldown, so that after watering a plant, it won't start wilting again for a minute or so.

some advice:
its generally not a good idea to use lots of WHEN blocks in a project, and when you use hat blocks for holding down a key, its slow.

a better way to do it would be something like this:
Water & =Run script pic
with the Water & =Run script pic (1) blocks replaced by your own code.

I like the games concept though! if you keep working on improving it, it could become a pretty cool game!


How would you suggest me changing the watering? I don't know how to reset loops. The way the watering works is it changes the costume of the plant(or corn(or whatever it is)). If it has been 4 seconds, the moment you heal the plant, it will go back to its wilting form. I'm not very good at coding, so do you know how I would reset the loop or some other idea. Sorry if what I'm saying isn't explained well. I could make wilting take 10-15 seconds. The water is a mystery I don't understand. I guess it has to do with the fact the water is attached to the farmer. I'll try to fix it.

OHHHHHHHH! I adjusted movement, and you were so right! The movement is now much faster. Thanks! I don't know how well I'll be able to adjust the water though.

I couldn't fix the water. It only messes up when you move left anyway. But thanks for your help. Thanks to you, my game briefly was shown on the game home page.

The catch and throw blocks in the “iteration and composition” library may be able to help you with exiting loops early

Thanks. My problems are all probably simple fixes. I think I really need to get better using the library blocks.

link to the game

I made a fixed version of the water.

how it works is that the water sprite now has two costumes, one for facing left, and one for facing right. it's set to dangling mode, which means it won't turn with its anchor, but that's fine, because I added a section to the script that makes it show when you press space where it checks the characters direction, and, based on that, decides which of its costumes to use. (also the costumes have the centre in a different place than in your version.)

a link to my version

water & =run

also, if your project was on the home page, I don't think it had anything to do with me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
where on the home page was it?

it's just in the snapcloud gaming public collection in the example section.

Great design. Is it fine if I use it to fix my water?

huh. I don't know how projects end up in there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

yes, that's what I made it for!


I added it to my version. you can read the comments to find out how it works, just check in the corn sprite.

an idea for the game (you don't have to do this, its just my idea):
if you water the monster plants, maybe they could run away?
they're very hard to avoid currently.

Well if you grind long enough, you can get Agent X who can shoot the mutant plants out of existence.

oh ok. how do you unlock it?

I put it in the description. 100 plants grown.