Was morphic made using…

Was morphic.js Made as a extension of the programming language Self library called morphic did Jen’s have anything to do with self?

:link: Self (programming language) - Wikipedia :link:

Self began as a dialect of Smalltalk,
The Morphic user interface construction environment was originally developed by Randy Smith and John Maloney

:link: Morphic (software) - Wikipedia :link:

In order to serve as basis for the Snap! (formerly BYOB), a Morphic environment called Morphic.js[2] was written in JavaScript by Jens Mönig using only the HTML5 Canvas APIs

that's correct. Morphic was invented by Randy Smith and John Maloney for SELF (a dialect of Smalltalk) and later adopted by Dan Ingalls and John Maloney for Squeak, where it replaced the classic MVC (model-view-controller) gui. That's how it became the basis for Scratch 1.
When we discussed what to implement Scratch 2 in, the conventional forum wisdom that every expert was rooting for was Flash Actionscript. However, Evelyn Eastmond wrote a really niftly little proof-of-concept editor of programming blocks for designers at RISD using JavaScript and the DOM, and that encouraged me to also check out JavaScript for BYOB 4. John and I discussed this a lot and John encouraged me to first write a minimal port of Morphic, because that would make everything else much easier later. I also discussed this with Dan Ingalls, who encouraged me to use the Lively Kernel, because that was already using a complete implementation of Morphic built in JavaScript. However, at that time Dan Garcia (and others) were lobbying for a Python implemention, because Python had / still has a very active community among which to recruit volunteer contributors. So I decided to go with Python. But Python didn't have a great flexible built-in gui framework at the time, only a Tcl thingy. Tcl didn't have a useful clipping feature so I shopped around for something else that would let me implement a thin Morphic layer, and I ended up with SDL/PyGame. I then made a complete Morphic implementation in Python using PyGame, and I loved it a lot. It was fast and - I think - quite elegant, much leaner and nicer than the bloated Squeak version.
But as my PyMorphic was finished it became apparent that we needed to move away from an installable app towards the web browser, so kids in schools could use BYOB 4. And that meant implementing Morphic again in JavaScript. The LivelyKernel was gargantuan at the time and took several Minutes to load, so I decided against it and instead chose to port my Python version of Morphic to JavaScript instead. This all happened around 2009/2010.
Later, I implemented Morphic yet again in GP...

Lively kernel? This https://lively-kernel.org/? And for a long time when I saw your repo py morphic ive always wanted to implement Snap! In python. And I love block languages and how was Snap! Developed in Berkeley? I am confused

Snap! was developed in Cyberspace between Brian in Berkeley (USA) and moi in Nebringen (Germany).


when you say cyberspace, you mean the internet, more specifically something like github, right?

It was in 2009, so It might have been GitHub (it was made in 2008).

dang all of the good programming sites that we still use today were made in 2008 (stack overflow, github, ect..)

i once thought it was made earlier than 2008

Thank you!