Warp block

I don't get how it works. It's pretty much just a loop that does whatever you put in it once.
Can anyone tell me the function?

it makes anything inside run in like a turbo mode

when the warp block is ran, it stops all other code until all scripts inside finish, runs the code inside run faster, and the stage updates less often.

don't do
untitled script pic - 2020-11-05T143651.597
untitled script pic - 2020-11-05T143719.991

yep,i once had my computer freeze when playing w/ scratchpi(snap4 ardno)

it makes it run without screen refresh, sort of like a custom block from Scratch

Custom blocks obey screen refresh rules (unless they have a warp block in them)

oops i meant from Scratch

I don't think Scratch custom blocks run without screen refresh either


Both Snap! and Scratch both follow the same basic concept of sharing processing time across all scripts as much as possible

But Snap! has the warp block when you need/want to override the core behaviour

You can set custom blocks to run without screen refresh when you make them. It's a checkbox near the bottom.


aah - I do apologise - I'd never noticed that :slight_smile:

You can tell I don't use Scratch 3 very much :slight_smile:

[edit - and now I see its in Scratch 2 as well :slight_smile:


You can tell I didn't use that very much either :slight_smile:


And looking back through time - I see that BYOB used to do it that way as well


of course, I invented it! :slight_smile:


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