Warp Block color

Why is the warp block gray even though it's in the controls category

Probably to make it easier to distinguish between other control blocks.

Yeah, I think Jens was thinking that it's different from other Control blocks because it doesn't change the meaning of the program. (And yes, I realize that in subtle cases that's not totally true.) I'd have been happier about it if he'd picked a color that isn't the color of another category. It's not super important -- not something you have to understand to use it.

Thank you @bh I know you are one of the best Snap! developers

untitled script pic (5)
i thought those were different colors

Thanks! :~D

Are we going to be able to make our own gray blocks in update 10.0?

You can already make your own grey blocks, just select the "other" category when creating a custom block.

I meant in other categories like how the original post described.

Well then, no, we're not going to be able to do that, as I doubt there's gonna be a way to mix multiple categories together.

Explain the warp blocks, then.

Snap is able to mix block categories, because it doesn't have the restrictions that a user has.


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