Want to change my username

I want to change my username so that I can log in my account using my tablet, some of the characters in my username won’t show on it and the site says no one has the name “ʟɪ ʀ ʟʟʏ_ _ ʀ “ exists so I want to change it from small caps to WoOo CrAzY TeXt or something

I know there’s no way to do this but I can’t log in to my tablet, I made my username this way hoping that hackers would give up trying to find the correct small caps but my tablet doesn’t even use the same characters and just replaces them with spaces

A lot of people have requested the ability to change their usernames.

Here's a list of reasons why the mods have denied it in the past:

  • It could be hard to know who you are if you change your username. You might as well go and make another account with a different name.

  • Most of the Forum code is from Discourse, which is an open-source Forum hosting service (I believe). However, the moderators do delete some code here and there. For example, in normal Discourse Forums, you can poll people. In the Snap! Forums, you can't. You can't PM (Personal Message) anyone, which is something that Discourse provides (PM...ing...).

Actually, we haven't had any incidents with hackers on the Forums. Never. Only spammers who try to log in to your account and then press the "Change your password" button to clog up your email list with emails from the SnapCloud which says that someone requested to change your password. In that case, just ignore them.

It's not just changing your username on the forum; we'd also have to change it in the Snap! Cloud, which is the hard part. I believe that that's possible if you're a cloud wizard but very painful. I'll ask...

It's always possible to set users a "User ID", randomly generated like "9037892634284", and changing the username only alters a name attribute for the user, the ID stays.

And if you're confused about a user changing their name, since they won't be recognizable, there can be a "past usernames" list right under their current username

Yeah, but you're proposing a big effort to solve what's pretty much a non-problem. The OP can just copy their projects into a new account.

It doesn't need to be a big effort, you could only assign these "IDs" to users that got created after the system was put into effect, so you wouldn't have to change any past users, making it easy

No, that's not how software works. Having two systems, a legacy one and a new one, means that you still have to develop the new one, but after that you have two systems to maintain instead of one.

Software works however you want it to work. If you add a special character to the beginning of new items of the list of new versions in the list of legacy ones, that can then be processed in the code as "User IDs", so it is legacy with forwards compatibility

Yes, that's what I mean by having to maintain two systems. Either the cloud back end has to deal with two different kinds of user IDs or the community web site has to deal with two different kinds of usernames.

Suppose they, like you or me, have a looot of projects.

Interesting conversation, Brian, and 24. But I think Brian is in the correct side.

Yes, on our must-have list (because schools require it) is a way to download all your projects at once, into a zip file or something.

But getting the projects is only half of copying them. The other half is re-uploading them all to the new account.

Yeah, yeah. It's true that that half isn't a legal requirement the way the downloading is, but we're not evil or stupid.

I completely got lost at this part and I don’t even know if I’m supposed to know due to the fact I’m not in here

Your best bet is to make another account and use that instead.

But if you don't want to make another account, you can copy and paste this text: ʟɪᴛᴇʀᴀʟʟʏ_ᴀ_ᴛʀᴇᴇ
You memorized your password, right? I hope I don't have to ask for your password.

I'm just talking about User IDs in the URL and that points to your user, with a username you can change

That’s what I did but some of the characters where missing

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