This game is inspired by my other creation games.

Meet Voxel2D

here you can make art by using the Grass - 1 key and the Stone - 2 key blocks by controlling them with arrow keys and pressing space to place a block down

check it out! Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Voxels are 3-dimensional pixels. So, it's kinda redundant saying "2-dimensional voxels."

well i think its a cool name

Voxel is a cool name, just sounds nice. Even if it doesn't reflect what it's actually for.



I like this very much!

I changed one of the textures lol

Why did you reply to me?


Sure, if snap will let me @bh change project names!!

"save as" should do it

Not really a game, more of a...paint editor.

yea thats what i intened