Vote: we should be able to put spite files for into snap!

why can't I import scratch sprite files into snap!

well, it's a different format, and snap doesn' have a built in scratch (3) convertor.

because italy apparently hasn't made a scratch like thing(

Can you use Snapinator to convert the project?

how do you do that?

Go to and it'll tell you what to do.

Because snap and scratch are very different. You can't transfer data between Scratch and Snap, just like how you can't put a Mario level in a Sonic game.

The thing about Snapinator (talking to @12039487751) is that Scratch runs on 30 fps (I think) and Snap! runs on 60 fps. So things can appear faster in Snap than Scratch. I think anyways.

You can change it (I'll make this a Wiki post)

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