Vote to reopen votes

Kind of a weird idea but I think that it would be cool if old feature requests could be opened again instead of being permanently locked.

How it works:

  1. Feature requests that have been locked for um, 2 months? are added to a repetitioning list.
  2. Posts on the list are ranked by how many votes they got previously.
  3. If a post on the list gets more votes than it did before, the original creator is notified, they are allowed to revise the feature and can repost the request.
  4. If the creator reopens the request it is put back on the request page, its votes are reset to 0, and a link to the original request is pinned to it similar to how remixes work.

I feel like this is a good idea but I think it might not be added because it could be hard to implement.
I think I explained my idea thoroughly though if you have any questions on how it works I'm relatively active.

how does this part work?

We pay absolutely no attention to votes, so having a second vote wouldn't change anything.

We do pay attention to suggestions, but we use our own judgment about whether the suggestion supports our goals, really improves Snap! 's expressive power, and isn't too hard to implement.

I guess we should just turn off votes on this category so users don't get confused.

Probably. If people really support it, then they could just talk about it in the thread.


I could still vote on it?

It's turned off for future posts

a suggestion gets 5 votes when it closes it needs 6 votes to open up again


So it only needs one more vote to reopen?

How many times do I have to say this?

I know, I was late to the party and just answering starbox614's question.

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