VOID (Official Audio) now on snap

My hit song with over 100 views is now on snap!

Check out the project here! Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

also check out the song! VOID (Official Audio) - YouTube

That's a really nice song!
Although, you probably shouldn't just make projects for music (unless it's using note blocks or something)...

i guess so, i've seen others do it

Congrats for that and 53 subs. I have at best around 61 subs and my best video was around 1K views, but it got so many dislikes from dumb noobs so I deleted it.

My best video got 3.9k views, I got over 10k views and all and 34 subs.

tsk Lucky. All I care about is the view count and revenue and spon-

abrupt stop I mean my community and friends I make

whats your channel tho?

hahah :skull:

I have a few channels. As for the one with 61 subs, it's called "Suspense_Comix".

For my "Game Development" channel (That is dead), it's called "Suspense_Comix Games".

For my engineering channel, and yes, I have one, it's called "Slate Technologies". It has the same exact username as my Snap! username. That is intentional.


should i make a snap video?

lol, well I care about the community (views) subs (monetization) and adver-spreading kindness.

Your song is great, but I feel it's too repetitive. (Also isn't posting music on Snap! not allowed? I have a feeling this project is going to get deleted or something. And this thread closed.)

Speaking of youtube views, my most viewed video got 1.3k views. It was a youtube poop that I made 4 years ago, of some roblox story video. Please don't watch it. Also I don't make a lot of youtube videos in the first place. Only like one minute per 3 months. So that's probably why that's still my most viewed video.

theres a whole section to music on snao lol

There is? Where? I remembered there was once and I tried finding it, but I couldn’t find it. I thought I just misremembered a dream or something. Or are you talking about the art & music module thingies

how do i refer to a category i forgot


does this work? oh those are just thread tags.

its an official collection on snap!

oh that. but i don’t recall seeing any of them with actual mp3 songs.

He is still posting the song on Snap! though.

That's amazing. I posted a song on Youtube that is more of a short musical clip than a song, and it only got 50 views. It's been more than a year.