Voice requests for MΛTH animation

i wanna create a little animation in snap about math, with silly numbers and chaos

and i need voice acting


1: one
2: ONE (angerly)
3: one (sad)
4: ONE (scared)
5: one one one, one, one one


1: two
2: TWO (angerly)
3: twoooooo (sad)
4: TWOOO (scared)
5: two two too, to two too, too to


1: three
3: three (sad)
4: three! (scared)
5: three three free, thirty free, free three thirty


1: four
2: FOUR FOOOOO (angerly)
3: foouur (sad)
4: FOO (scared)
5: foo four, foo foo, foo four four


1: five
2: FIFIFIVE (angerly)
3: five (sad)
4: FIFIFIFIFIFI (scared)
5: fififififi, fifififi, fifi, five


1: muhahaha
2: SIX SIX SIX (angerly)
3: sixy six (sad)
4: SIX (scared)
5: six six six, six, six six, muhahaha


1: seveny seven
2: seven seven seven (angerly)
3: seeeven (sad)
4: SAAAAAAAAAA (scared)
5: seven, seven, seven


1: eight
2: EIGHT ATE EUUU (angerly)
3: eiighht (sad)
4: AAAAAAATE (scared)
5: eighty eighty eight, ate a eight, ate ate


1: ja
2: NEIN NEIN NA! (angerly)
3: naaaaan (sad)
4: NAAAAAAAAAA (scared)
5: nein nein nein, ja ja ja nein, NEIN!

For Seven's voice I guess that it'll be based on my voice with pitch increased by about 7 half steps, like what I used in the Sap animation I created a few hours ago.

Also, for the sprites of numbers, I have given them some digits from 0-9:

(font is Montserrat)
You may download the image and change it in any editor you'd like.

the numbers are hand drawn

also, if you wanna voice act, just send a project with the records

Import this image below to the Snap! editor...
Weird Costume!
...then do the following code to hear the sound...
untitled script pic (18)

The instructions are inspired by this post. Since we can't upload other than images in the forums, so that's why I do this.

wow thats smart

(with this method, someone can rickroll someone)

now do the rest


I believe the voices would be:

  1. Pitch down -6 half steps.
  2. Normal pitch.
  3. +35% pitch frequency.
  4. Pitch down -8 half steps.
  5. +15% pitch frequency with echo.
  6. Pitch down -3 half steps.
  7. +50% pitch frequency.
  8. Normal pitch, different accent.
  9. +90% pitch frequency with echo.

I will record my voice and do the above to match the voices in Audacity.

i already did 9, tho i didnt release them

9 is basically a german, 8 is a russian, 6 is a demon, and 7 is a angel tho you can still keep the voices


Download this costume below...

Import it to Snap! editor, then do the following code:
untitled script pic (23)


now do the following voicelines at the first post with the effects (ill wait, since it will take a minutes)

also make seperate images for all numbers

Here are the voicelines for numbers:
acting as numbers.mp3

(I don't know if it's okay to share to OneDrive)