Visualizing concentrically organized digits of numerals in different bases

Inspired by the recent post No such thing as "decimal to binary" or "binary to decimal" conversion

Each digit occupies a position, with the higher-order digits positioned further from the center, forming a concentric pattern.

Update: Set the slider to choose your number. The visualization will then be looping from base 8 to base 2, while skipping every second base.

Update 1: Displaying the digits in the time order from bigger to smaller exponents. As suggested by Brian Harvey




I guess it can work either way, but my first reaction was that you display the digits in the wrong time order; you don't know the units digit until you figure out the other ones and see what's left over. But of course you can use MOD to get the low-end digits first, which is definitely how I'd code it. I wonder why my analysis mind seems to think the other way from my synthesis mind. (Certainly starting at the high end is what we teach children.)