Visual bug with watcher of a reversed list

I was working on an Advent Of Code puzzle and came across this visual bug - the data for item 11 in the reverse list seems to be OK

Win10/Vivaldi browser

That's totally not a bug but a feature! That "jagged" right side indicates that this particular row exceeds beyond the visible 3 columns. Since we're working with rather large data sets we're only scanning the first 10 rows of a table to determine which columns to show in a table view. That's why item 11 didn't get looked at, and that's why only 3 columns are shown. Of course, once that table then actually gets to rendering item 11 it realizes that it spans beyond, hence the jagged visualization.

aah :slight_smile:

Maybe you could use ellipses so some people don't get confused

Wait, how does this work at all????

You are using the > operator to compare two lists. Used to be, that would just be an error. But now, with hyperblocks, the result of the comparison is a list of Booleans, not a Boolean. Apparently the IF/ELSE block inside of SORT treats all lists as True, regardless of what's in the list. I guess this results in reversing the list, for reasons it gives me a headache to think about.