View the hypochat Demonstration!

ok so im working on it right now, but basically, it will be a way to chat to other people via a chat network inside the next version of snipos.

THIS IS JUST A DEMONSTRATION. Also, spike will have its own contact in hypochat so you can talk to her.

view it today. hypochat demo

unmoderated chats are not allowed, unless you are just talking to a bot, like in the demo

Don't worry, these will be highly moderated.

but it will be difficult since i will have to edit the entire code, so I think we will stick with bots. like for support questions.

AI Chatbot

I wonder if SnipOS will add its own Dev Language. That would make for some cool applications like coding and stuff. I can code, I don't know, PONG or something, or make something like an AI.

you might want to check with the mods first

still wont be allowed. When i first joined the forums, i asked bh if highly moderated chats were allowed. His responce?

Bot chats then.

okay can i help?

We will see what happens in January.



bro this looks really complicated and i really dont feel like trying to figure this out so ya know what im just gonna rewrite it if thats ok

sure go ahead!


I will try to make an app for this. An IDE. And then I will propose it and stuff.


Off of that: Yes! We should make something like Shell or Bash for Hyposyn projects! Kinda like this one im working on in Replit but in Snap!

Or maybe I could Jude remake NBAS For Snap! or something like that.