Very poopy MQTT test

i made a MQTT test that is kinda buggy, because of its bugginess, sometimes you see all players and sometimes dont, because its my first attempt

try looking at this Snap! Build Your Own Blocks or Snap! Build Your Own Blocks both very good cloud engines

k so pretty much you can only send information through MQTT so fast. this makes movement choppy. to fix this you want to package multiple coordinates to send to the server then the other side should read those

honestly if you want feel free to use my server in whatever projects you want. just credit

the only thing i could think of is sending data to a couple servers and those servers have data limits, then send them to the main server slowly

why would you do that. decoding which server should do what would be a mess. just use my engines

There is no need to shove your own projects down someone else's throat. Let @mehone learn.

@mehone, you can smoothen out the movement by having your code predict where the player will be at a given moment. For example, if the player is moving right, your code could predict that next time you get another position update from the player, the player will still be moving right.