Very annoying language bug

sometimes, when i log into snap, it changes to a language that is not english

no offense but this is basically annoying as a baby screaming at max volume during midnight

Bruh, why Snap! be like that?

I haven't had it happen to me yet.

But the low quality Chromebooks that the school provided (because I'm getting my Chromebook repaired) leaves white borders on some UI elements.
Screenshot 2024-05-08 07.49.24

I don't think we geolocate you. More likely your supposed best friend decided to play a joke on you by changing your language setting.

Huh, my Chromebook doesn't do that. My phone does something similar but it's gray, skinny lines that pop-up that go away when something is over it. Mainly in the block corral

I just deleted a large number of messages here. I didn't delete the entire topic, as some suggested, because it started with a report of a purported bug and there's no reason to lose that.

I confess, when we started the forum, I naively hoped that because we have mostly teenagers, rather than mostly little kids like Scratch, we could do without the "no politics or religion" absolute prohibition, and could have mature and fruitful discussions about current events. I mean, I have opinions about (in alphabetical order) Iran, Israel, Palestine, and the United States, and would be happy to share them with you. :~) But this discussion has been on the level of "I'm rubber, you're glue." Very disappointing.

Side note: If you think some messages, or an entire topic, should be closed, the way to tell us that is by flagging the messages. (Flagging one message may be enough if you think the entire topic should be deleted.) Posting louder and louder "delete this topic" messages in the topic itself isn't helpful, especially right now, when the entire Snap! team are in a weeklong conference in Olot (an hour outside Barcelona), and are either working or sleeping 24/7. I'm way behind on the forum. When something is flagged, I see it before the other threads.

I mentioned this morning that I had a state science assessment, and I got a mid 5 (a 5 is the highest grade category)!!

I mean, I think we all do, but this specific thread isn't really the place to share