"verified" Meaning in API Response

Sending requests to https://snap.berkeley.edu/api/v1/users/c returns a response like this-

{"role":"role","verified": verification status,"username":"username","id":id}

What does the value of verified object mean here? My guess is that it indicates whether or not we have a verified email address or not. Is that correct?

Oooo, I know my ID now!

"verified" means your account is verified. So you are correct.

That is what we should usually expect but do you have a reference or something like that? (I am just trying to be sure because I want to use it in my project.)

What do you mean by reference? It looks like it uses booleans, maybe something else? I'm looking at the page source, and that's the only line I see.

EDIT: I'm not a pro, I get it.

I do not understand why you think I am not believing because you are saying this and would believe if it were someone else! I was asking if it was mentioned anywhere official. But I think you are right. :slight_smile: (It looks like I cannot accept your answer as the solution. :frowning: )

Oh, but I'm not thinking anything about that though :p
I was simply just saying that not everything I say makes sense

That's okay, may I ask why?

He meant, "I realize that it looks to you like I cannot accept..."

Not sure what you mean by that. I was saying there is no accept as solution button.

Oh, okay, I misunderstood you, sorry. But I still correctly understood that you didn't mean what @funtime_foxy101 thought you meant, namely, that you can't believe her answer is the solution.

I see, yes, you are correct.

Oh, okay, that's fine :)

Sorry if anything came out wrong, didn't mean to make anyone think that