Vector Experiment

I didn't expect as much detail as there is

how did you get the full image?

View profile (Miniature View) > Hover cursor over image > Right-Click > Save image as...

You can use the simple JS Code to download actually icons every of Snap! users- on the forum.

But I don't want to. This is a vector experiment... I made png files vector. (Vector files: Never lose quality as you zoom in)

After I clicked the "unrelated" rest block, why is the next costume block not changing the turtle to the first costume? EDIT: I had thought it was something that it already did

I don't know... It looks like a bug.

Nevermind, it is not a bug. It is a design feature.



wow... I wasn't expecting to be in this.

Really great projects though.

(if you're wondering, I do have a much better quality version of my pfp)

Could you send it so I can update it?


Good grief. What an enormous effort!

The problem of course with starting with bitmaps is that the images are already pixellated. It doesn't get worse as you zoom in, but it doesn't get better either.

To make really incredible vector versions of people's icons, you'd have to use the original as a template but trace over it so that the result is "born vectorized."

Actually, they are made by an AI. The goal of this project is to show how smart AI's are. You can experiment on your own: Image Vectorizer and share it here!


vector magic is better

It's not free

you can use it for free... well, not unlimited, but it can be used for free.

edit nvm You have to pay to download images the intended way.