Vas is das?

So, I'm in snap and about to test some JS (I know that it's kinda frowned upon but I'm making a game where the main point of it is you can program in JS in the game) but when I open the console, this appears!
The number is rapidly increasing and I think this might be a bug. (number increasing means its being reported constantly) I haven't run any JS yet, and I'm on Microsoft Edge.

@bh, @jens, What do you think of this?

Huh, for me, it's always just once. Also, it's just some warning, which hasn't affected snap at all (or at least for me). It shows up regardless of if you're using js.

its probably something normal, and you should ignore it

I know it's probably something normal for snap, but I'm not sure if it's a bug and needs to be noticed by the devs.

Just from reading the message, it's something I'd expect to see when loading a costume. Are you doing a lot of that?

Nope, only using the turtle. After further inspection, I found out that it only happens once when I press the green flag, and after pressing a key, it starts warning infinitely, but if I stop the project, the warnings stop.

EDIT: After even further inspection, I found out it appears when I run the say() block.
Also here's the link to the project just because

When I test it out in the kiwi browser (android chrome, but I can use the console), it looks like it's just coming from the getMinimumFontHeight() function (I get a link to the line of code that triggered the warning).

I'm not saying it's a problem that needs to be fixed, because it's working fine. All that warning is saying, it can be (micro)optimized to run faster by setting a property to true, which will make it use a software canvas. Here's the link that it gives you with a better explanation: HTML Standard

I'm pretty sure jens has seen this warning, and probably has a good reason for not setting that property (maybe it breaks some snap rendering? I'm just saying that because there has been issues in the past about chrome breaking snap).

this is a bullshit warning, just ignore it. Browser makers nowadays don't have a clue how to handle interactive graphics, and this warning is just the opposite of what's actually going on.

Jens! >:(

he will probably delete this too

he deleted mine when i told him not to swear

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If y'all are confused about our policy on swearing it's because we're not clear on it either. Sorry.

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oh, youre saying we will get banban'd if we call people swears?

I'm saying you shouldn't call people names, swear words or otherwise. C'mon, you learned this in kindergarten. Focus less on how many toes you can get away with positioning past the line, and more about being a helpful, friendly, supportive member of the community. Why is this so hard?

i know NOT to be rude, or call people names

Great! So you won't risk being banned, and can stop asking about that. ;~)