Variables, Scopes, Custom Blocks Definitions - HELP!

What's problem you are encountering?
I am trying to create a "framework" of sorts to achieve some general goals of my own inside "SNAP!"; one of the initial steps to achieve that is to define "static typed" variables. I've decided to use the "meta-programming" experimental blocks to save each data type I procedurally create within the IDE into "key-value pairs" tables with each type's definitions and other information I deem relevant as I go saved onto each of those custom blocks - those "data-type" blocks would follow a specific format, as: being of a specific "Block's Category" (Data Types); be a "Reporter" type block, supposedly made to report the table above-mentioned and follow naming standards - this would, at later stages of development, serve to constraint and/or organize said "static types" functionalities.
What have you tried that didn't work?
Unfortunately, I am having a lot of trouble during the block's definition processes; those blocks definitions are supposed to be straightforward reports of composed Lists into key-value tables format; however, I can't by the love of myself find a way to send the static versions of said tables to the new block's definitions, and end up rather passing their references (with plenty of local variables the new blocks cannot access) or having them bug in unexpected new ways. Surely, there must be something I am missing. Please, help!

Quite annoyingly, this forum also forbids me embedding images to the post, so I will have to link from external sources:

Post a project example, link, or screenshot:

Here's an example of the mentioned script, albeit non-optimal as of now its 1000+th iteration of trials and errors. The block itself shall look and function something like that:

The block it's supposed to yield, were it to work as intended:

Some other additional scripts present into the broken block's definition, to better deliver the general idea of what I am trying to accomplish:

A few more details to clarify some design choices of mine:

  • The inputs for the intended custom block uses a modified multiple inputs "separator" that always results into key-value pair slots;

  • The usage of plenty of external blocks and naming conventions are to enable, amongst other things, procedural IDE functionalities to facilitate/automatize a few things;

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