Variable watchers do not move in presentation mode

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  1. What browsers show this problem? Chrome Version 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  2. Please share an example project (if possible).
  3. Describes the steps to reproduce this issue. Swich to presentation mode and try to move a reporter
  4. What does Snap! currently do? Does not move it
  5. What should Snap! do instead? Unknown

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This might NOT be a bug !

When in presentation mode one cannot reposition the variable watchers.

This is probably not a normal occurrence anyway, but it is sometimes necessary when the stage is very detailed and one needs a bigger version to debug.

I believe this is a longstanding, official behavior. The theory is that if there's a watcher onstage in presentaion mode it's intended as part of the project's UI and was positioned by the programmer where they wanted it.

Having said that, I'm reminded about the recent thread pointing out that Scratch sprites default to not draggable (like watchers) whereas in Snap! the sprites are draggable even though the watchers aren't. I don't have an opinion in either direction, but perhaps we should be consistent? @jens?

I totally agree about the decision by programmer to position it.
However, even when positioned correctly while in non-presentation mode, it changes position after entering the presentation mode and gets messed up - I guess due to scaling issues. Hence the report.

PS: Black box is representative of a busy display image.
Normal mode:

Presentation mode:

yes, that is the official intended behavior for variable watchers, in part so you can use the sliders without accidentally dragging the watchers around.