Variable watcher manipulation

I think a block to manipulate variable watchers beyond simply hiding and showing them. This block could be a primitive, or part of a library.
Some functions I think it should include:
Change the X and Y position of a watcher,
Change the style (small, large, or slider) of a watcher,
And change the sliders min and max values.

Some more watcher features I would like (these aren’t as essential to the idea):
Create multiple watchers for the same variable,
Create watchers for custom values (any reporter you want),
Manipulate custom watchers,
Change the layer of a watcher (when a sprite uses GO TO front LAYER, it will cover up watchers. This is useful sometimes, but I would also like an option to have the watcher stay in front).

Just put the sprite in level 2!

Yeah. I think anything you can do from the GUI should be doable in code (Eisenberg's Law) but Jens doesn't; he has to be convinced about each specific case. Don't hold your breath about this, but maybe someday.
When Things Slow Down™.

Things never slow down, you have to take the time !™

Like with GO TO front LAYER and then GO BACK 1 LAYER?

That'll work.

Personally I use speech bubbles as they update at the same time as the variable instead of every few seconds, you can also manipulate their position on the screen by moving the sprite

So until this gets added that’s the “workaround”

Yeah, that’s what I’ve done before too. It’s a bit annoying though, because you have to make a whole script for it.

Nice! I never thought of that before.

This project doesn't support lists, but here is a pen variable watcher project:

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