Variable - Rename all

I take you to the magic show !

Create a new var

Drop that var into script (or not)

Right click on the var and Rename all

Rename the var to "Abracadabra" (Abracadabra is facultative but... more funny for the rest) and press ok
(The window don't close when i press ok)

The var is now renamed Abracadabra
(Nothing to say here but did you notice something ?)
Tadam ! (I'm David Copperfield)
The var "Abracadabra" has disappeared !

If i press "Cancel", the windows close...
If i want to make a new var called "Abracadabra"

If i make another new variable named "Tadam !"
look who reappears !

is this an actual bug or just a joke?

actual bug : with a bit of humor !

I like the humour

But I can't reproduce it.

I did have a glitch like this about 6 months ago but it's never happened again

Does this fail for you on a brand new project or are you maybe using sprite local var called var somewhere in your project?

Brand new or not...

Chrome 88.0.4324.104
Snap! 6.5.1

:flushed: But, wait a minute, i test it this morning and no problem... intermittent problem... I will do some research to reproduce the problem...

I too have had strange things happen when renaming a variable but didn't report it since I couldn't reproduce it.

I test it again today and i can't reproduce it !!!

Somebody can test it plz ...

Can't reproduce. Windows 10, Chrome 88.0.4324.104

Try in this project

I was able to reproduce it in that project, but not a new project. Could the bug have something to do with a project being saved?
EDIT: I tested it with one of my projects and I did not reproduce it.

"rename all..." does not work well with an empty custom local block present.

I made issue #2845 at the Github repo.


  1. open this project
  2. rename all on lives : enter "remaining lives" and click ok

chrome and firefox : same problem...
1)the var disapear on the left after rename all
2)the var isn't rename on the right
3)the var name edit wintows stay open after i click ok

And there are at least 3 open issues on this problem: Issues · jmoenig/Snap · GitHub