Variable reference problem
I don't know why,but if you run the result of

then the resulting custom block says "X is not defined" while it is defined as a parameter
Dragging away the (x) varables and redropping them would fix this.

Is able to isolate problem

untitled script pic (38)

Also,doing this

Obliterates the input a

Well,it seems that jens wants us to define stuff like this :slight_smile:

But using the aforementioned way shouldn't bug!Maybe its related to the various bugs about %s and 's in block spec?
Quick fix:

if(this.args[1].includes("%")/*or whatever used in morphic*/)throw new Error("No using % to make inputs!");


Another bug:
define-cbn defines the block correctly now(because I fixed it) but then registers the wrong block into vars(a grey command global block,regardless of what's actually there:a green reporter local block)

how is it a bug? it just looks to me like you wrote the code incorrectly, so the incorrect thing happened. where did you even get the "a" variable from if not the ring?

i never knew that it was a bad way until i posted this

i didn't even know that dialog was there for variables, i thought it was only upvars and globals/locals in the pallete

jens keeps complaining that people treat variables as text, i'm guessing that's the biggest reason why. the OF block and metaprogramming definitely doesn't help either