Variable Problems

This split command block splits the command into different blocks for my block drawing project.
For some reason the draw block says that the "GLOBAL_COLOR" variable doesn't exist, even though it does.
Any ideas why?

Grump. What does the error message say? "inside a custom block..." In this context, that means either SPLIT COMMAND or DRAW REPORTER. But what scripts do you show us? Toplevel ones! Not custom blocks. That wouldn't be the end of the world if you posted script pics made by Snap!, which contain all the code of your project. But instead you post screenshots. So how are we supposed to debug your code??

Sorry, once in a while when I'm really tired I get like this and someone gets yelled at. I apologize. But I'm not deleting the post, so make of that what you will.

If you mess with metaprogramming for a while this error does appear a lot when messing with variables. For some reason, it seems variables created with metaprogramming don't have the same scope as global variables, local variables, or script variables.

I've seen these kinds of complaints somewhere on the forum, but I can't find it.

Oh I can

It's not about metaprogramming, but it's in the same idea.

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