Variable named "__proto__" doesn't show in variables tab

Create variable "__proto__".

It shows on stage but not in variables tab and untitled script pic block:

What's weird: you can assign a value to this variable (with the var library)...
(the variable exists, but it is hidden)

proto is a deprecated internal of some JS implementations

can you repeat that, but in regular English?


It happens because normal ({}) object inherits properties from Object.prototype and __proto__ is a setter.

fix: If you want to use object as hashmap use var hashmap = {__proto__:null}; or var hashmap = Object.create(null); instead of var hashmap = {};.

off topic: where is post preview button?

The preview is automatically generated on the right

Click on the little double arrow thing in the bottom right corner of the edit box

[scratchblocks]([json v]of ≡::list)[/scratchblocks] is also broken

Oh, well...
Another JSON bug!