V7 : Add Select All / Deselect All option to Hide Blocks

When making some kinds of education content, the following are often true:

  1. Develop with many imported libs, many blocks: custom, helper, and built-in
  2. Hide all except a few for student use in the activity
  3. Unhide all and go-to 1

Select All / Deselect All would be nice with the long checkbox list.

if you right-click the hide blocks dialog, there's options for

Ah, great, thanks! Will be doing a lot more right clicks on everything now :slight_smile:

2 follow ups:

  • Is there also a way to hide scripts, like some main When Flag Clicked scripts?
  • Can categories be totally hidden (vs. greyed out) if they are empty?

These would be another step closer to full microworlds like this one

looks like it

If it's hiding scripts in the editor, I don't think they're going to add that.

What's "unused"?

probably blocks are are not used in any script.

I think hiding scripts is scary. When you hide a block, you are preventing the user from adding it to a script. Existing uses of the block are still visible.

By contrast, hiding a script, especially one with a hat block, leads to magical (i.e., undocumented) behaviors. (I take it you want the script still to be runnable.)

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