Using SNAP! to Control Polulu Stepper Motors Via ticcmd (their command line app)

Here is how one does it Python -

12.3. Example code to run ticcmd in Python

Would this be some sort of API call or ?

ticcmd works nice from a cmd window.

Can SNAP! make cmd line calls?

Thanks in advance.

In version 7 of SNAP, there is a new library called "serial ports" that will enable you to send / receive commands over the USB connection. TIC commands in "Serial command encoding" mode can be used with this mechanism.


Thanks again.

I am only able to access 6.9.0

Is Version 7 something i can request as a Beta tester?

Thanks. I have not imported a library before so I kind of forgot what I was doing/needed to do.

This should be fun.

There is no signs that this hardware supports USB-CDC

also looking at driver source code

seems its generic USB so probabbly WEB USB will be neeeded.

I am imagining I will be working with 7 and 32 bit commands direct to the serial port.

So you want to use ready-made USB to TTL converter, or just Arduino,ESP or micro:bit running at 5V?

This one - Pololu - Tic T834 USB Multi-Interface Stepper Motor Controller (Connectors Soldered)

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