Using Snap! Characters on Scratch

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I apologize if this is in the wrong category, I couldn't seem to find any that matched general questions.

Are people allowed to use Snap! characters off of Snap!? I'm making a game in Scratch where you play as Alonzo, and you battle Scratch Cat. Before I finish it and share it, I'd like to know if using Alonzo or any other original characters on Scratch would be allowed.

Using Alonzo on Scratch is fine, as long as your project doesn't ascribe to him a bad opinion of Scratch, or otherwise embarrass us. (They're allowed to battle, but not trash talk, in other words. :~) )

If you want to use Alonzo elsewhere, please be more specific. If your purpose is noncommercial we'll probably say yes.

Most of our other costumes came from Scratch in the first place anyway. But the Jahrd, Derek, Jamet, Sarron, and Aleassa characters belong to their artist, Meghan Taylor, and are licensed to us only for use in Snap! projects. (See About > Credits.)

Okay, thanks for letting me know!

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