Using MQTT for collabs

In theory. with mqtt and proper code you can possibly write code that allow for 2 coders to work on 1 code

I don't think this is possible/allowed.

  • It can lead to private messaging, which isn't allowed in Snap!.
  • Scripts cannot add blocks without using JS.

so you can use js

if chatting gets added, that would be a big no-no

also, if its like that scratch extension that allows you to collab, it would probably use the snap api, which again, is a big no-no

in theory its no dif then me adding a note inside a sprite and posting the project

no it wouldnt it would use MQTT

i mean that the scratch extension allows you to add people from scratch (which uses the scratch api), if that gets added to a snap project, youre done for

huh no im talking about using MQTT to transport data of a code and rebuild it

id recommend making it a firefox extension, also you cant put in chrome web store because money exists, which i find to be useless

  1. I dont need money from snap! i have income.

  2. Im not talking about an extention, im talking about code

no offense but do you even understand what im saying


a web extension is something that adds more stuff to browsers, like go to the web store and download any extension and test it, making the MQTT collab in snap might be unallowed, so make it a web extension

also, you need to understand how the snap code works

i dont understand why it wouldnt be allowed. and i dont want a web extention

if the devs say 'its unallowed', you have to make a web extension for snap

if its not allowed i just wont do it. and it should be allowed

just wait until the devs say something

It would be an epic goal to achieve.

I think the 1st goal would be to come up with a technique to publish and retrieve a single script to/from a broker

There have been lots of attempts in the past to convert scripts into text and back again and I'm not sure how successful those were but might be worth have a forum search for them

If you can get that working, then all you need to do is make a Snap! version of git to handle merges :slight_smile:

everything is pretty much done. i just need a way to send costumes

You can covert costumes into a list of pixels (and add on some meta data about the width and height) and publish the list as binary data