Using for a database

Alright! What follows is my plan, but my question is... aside from could variables, has a cloud database ever been successful in the past?

I teach computer science courses and I want to do some database work with my classes. I found which I plan to use as my backend. In my class each student will get the secret-key (I know... GASP!) and a bin ID. They will use these to store their data as a 2D list (and HTTPS update request on the bin that I have already set up). Then they can create one app to collect data, and have it stored online and another app to interactively display the data. Here are the blocks I'm thinking I will create.

Set Access Key(val) and Set Database Key (val) --> which will set global variables in js.
Store Data (data) --> Takes a 2D array parses it into JSON and sends it
Retrieve Data () --> Returns the 2D array from the cloud

If you've read this far maybe you have some ideas for some of the issues I'll face. Choosing between async or synchronous calls, and how to effectively inform the student of errors they may face. I'm considering creating an actor that will be the student's "submit" button in a template project that could include a "busy" mode.

Thanks for the help, before I endeavor into this!


Thank you for the suggestion!

It would be a good experience for them to set up both the server and client, but that's not a learning goal for the project. It would be nice to see the server, data collection and data display all in one project.

The biggest challenge I see with using NetsBlox is having to be logged in as a user to input data. With the system I had in mind, students could share their Snap! page, then open it on any device or even share it with other classes to complete. NetsBlox could do the first with a few extra steps but not the second.

I will have to look at NetsBlox more and see how I could build a project around it.

  • As a side note: I thought I could set up a poll-booth somewhere in the school where other students could take surveys on a dedicated computer. I quickly disregarded this idea for sanitary reasons with the pandemic... sigh.