Using a default customised project

I like to start off with a default project, so after loading Snap!, I load in my __default project (named like that to make it be at top of list)


And it has the things I want 99% of the time - the Alonso costume and the custom let block

But the problem is that I often forget, after making a project, to use File- Save as just do a File -Save and end up overwriting my default project and then I have a bit of sorting out to do :frowning:

But I had an idea - had at look at the source code and had a guess that setting the projectName to null might prompt me for a file name - and it does :slight_smile:

So, I've now added this block to my default sprite and all I have to do is click on it once when I load my default project in and then delete it.


Another much more simple approach for the javascript:
Load the "Getters and setters" library, then run (keep the input empty):
untitled script pic

Good find :slight_smile:

I might argue that the JS method is cleaner as once you've clicked it and then deleted it, it leaves no trace behind

But, as a true believer in Snap! and not a "let's use JS for everything person" I'm going to switch to your approach :slight_smile:

Although you'll find that this block in the "getters and setters" lib is actually also written in JS :wink: