Username bug thingy

My username is 113 apparently, not really sure how that works. Probably due to the fact that my username on Snap is invisible and my profile is nonexistant lol


It is not a bug.I once became @112 when I got anonymous when I was suspended for a week.
but now there is no anonymous mode and that user got banned D:

What do you mean? How is your username invisible on Snap?

Look at its email address in the forum and then search for it in the Snap! site.

There's no law that someone has to reply to your posts.

Okay, so you've chosen " ‍ " as a username and the forum gave you an ID instead of the invisible username. Do you want us to forbid you from using that username in the Snap! site? Is that what you're asking?

I can do that, but I find it funny how many ways of wasting developer time you guys come up with.

Ah that makes sense. I was just wondering how the system worked for that. Yeah that makes a lot of sense now. Dunno if its possible to make my public page exist on snap but that's fine. Ima try to close this topic now.