Useless Blocks

Useless Blocks

There's a lot of blocks here that do varying things but most of them have the same practicality, that being little to none.

Yeah, they're useless. :sweat:
But this project is quite chaotic.

melt costume is weird :melting_face:

Yes. But it doesn't really melt; it just skews, like an out-of-tune analog TV. Melting would be dripping pieces off the bottom.

There's a bug in your report Boolean block:

useless blocks script pic
useless blocks script pic (1)
useless blocks script pic (2)
Your REPORT reports from itself, but you want it to report from its caller. Luckily that's easy with (echo)metaprogramming!(/echo)

useless blocks script pic (4)
You have to pull the reference to BOOL out of the OF, because THIS CALLER has no such variable. That's the only tricky part.