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Can I use music from Amazon, Spotify, or iTunes (Apple Music)?

I mean, you can use my music (yes i make music) but you'll have to get permission from the artists i think. just make sure if you use music from "sladescar" ask me if you can.

Um...they said:

Also you can use music from Youtube. As long as there is a license to it. For example, CC Licenses (Like the one Snap! uses) means you can use the "thing" for free as long as you give credit.

yeah i meant something like that.

They talked about music from Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.
Some of the music from Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon are on Youtube. For free.

oh ok.

In general you can't use copyrighted music from an artist without their permission.

Just to clarify, in an unpublished project you can use anything you want. Only when you make your project available to others does the question of permission and credit arise.

i agree with this statement

I saw a bunch of Scratch users using music in their projects. I don't know if it's copyrighted, but it's on all the apps I mentioned above, so I think it is. Isn't Snap! based on Scratch (besides being more advanced and probably follows copyright rather than Scratch)?

An earlier version, BYOB, was built directly on top of Scratch's source code. As of Snap! version 4, our implementation is entirely separate. But certainly we are inspired by Scratch.

But none of that is really relevant, because the issue under discussion isn't whether we honor copyrights, but rather whether our users do. And they're just people, not based on anything. :~)

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