Url block -> how to convert an http adress?

1)google drive give me an adress for a shared file
2)how i can convert this txt url to a working url ?

anyone have a block for this ?

google drive gives you this url


(I managed to get the url from the image)
To convert it to the download url, just take the stuff after the /d/ and before the /view? part, then stick it here in this url

https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=**put it here**&export=download

but since that's too complicated, I created a block to do that for you.

Here's the project: Snap! 7.1.3 - Build Your Own Blocks

There is this primitive block in dev mode:

Thank you !
With this block, you can load data, music (csv conversion required), image (csv conversion required)


@loucheman @ego-lay_atman-bay

This is great work - it will be VERY useful for importing data into transient variables to keep project size under the 10MB limit :slight_smile:

The csv file I wanted to import into one of my projects has a different file structure and starts


but with a bit of googling and seeing how G-Drive-Linker altered the URL, I've come up with a modification to handle both sort of links


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