Update the list of backgrounds and sounds

Snap! editor currently only have 12 backgrounds, which are:

I suggest that Snap! could add some more backgrounds, as 12 is not enough.

Also, for Bedroom 2, it says "Scratch" rather than "Snap" in the image itself.


There are 12 sounds in the sound library, which isn't enough.

But Scratch has lots of then, presumably hundreds. So why not add some more sounds then?
It's tires if we have to go to Scratch, choose it, export it, and import to Snap!


I found some more backgrounds in the Backgrounds folder!

At first I tried including the entire Scratch background/costume/sound collection, but then it took forever to open the chooser dialog, so I took just a subset.

We know how to fix this; it's just a question of getting

It takes a very long time to load the costumes and backgrounds anyway. Maybe the load time could be reduced if you only preview costumes when you select them rather than previewing every single costume at once??

How would you know which costume to select without the preview? No, as I said in the sentence right after the one you quoted,

namely, construct a png with tiny thumbnails of all the costumes ahead of time, instead of generating the thumbnails on the fly.

this is snap not scratch. snap will not do that.

Like dynamic loading? Like, loading a row after you scroll all the way to the 2nd last row, then it loads another row, which repeats until all assets are loaded.

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