Update the codification example project

I opened the codification example project, and found that, map to python is done in python 2, so that should be updated to python 3 (major bug, you can't do print "hello" anymore, you have to do print ("hello") ).

I also noticed that there's a custom
for (i) = (1) to (5){
} :: control
which makes me believe that this project was made before the block became primitive.

I also suggest add the ask and answer blocks, I mean, for python you can just do

I don't know any other languages, but for JavaScript, you can just use the ask user for input function. I tried to get it to work, but I couldn't.

I'm also wondering if you could add the javascript function block to the map to javascript.

What would it translate to? A lambda, I guess.

We'll let @jens deal with the rest of this.

It translates to


run(JSF[List.prototype.toString=function(){return this.asArray.toString()}])//snap list is ok if you do this
while #1 should be a JS list not a snap list or a %mult.
Or you will get

a List(XXX elements)

I was just guessing in javascript, it would just translate to the function so you can do custom javascript code with mapped into javascript snap blocks.