Update Scratchblocks in forum

Please update the scratchblocks code to the code from https://github.com/DarDoro/dardoro.github.io. It has been updated so that more parts of scratchblocks work (gf, other svgs).

@bh or @cycomachead?

Sorry, this is really for Michael, I'll ping him about it.

I get pings, but there's no time to do it...Maybe we can figure out how to get someone else to help out.

A new version can be installed by anyone with Admin rights.
As a binary file (*.zip)

Admin> Customize> Themes> Component> Install> From your device

from location https://dardoro.github.io/discourse-scratchblocks.zip

"Live" version from URL (updated only on demand by Discourse admin)

Admin> Customize> Themes> Component> Install> From a git repository


Content of the plugin source can be browsed / examined at https://github.com/DarDoro/dardoro.github.io/tree/master/discourse-scratchblocks

The component can be previewed before permanently accepted. You should see the proper image of "When greenflag clicked" hat block.

[scratchblocks]when @greenflag clicked[/scratchblocks]

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Sorry, I've been busy :slight_smile:

It's updated now.


[scratchblocks]turn cw (5) degrees[/scratchblocks]

[scratchblocks]when gf clicked
say[Yay! Scratchblocks are fully working!]@addInput@delInput::control

[scratchblocks] {}(a)@delInput@addInput::ring grey [/scratchblocks]

[scratchblocks] {}(a)@delInput@addInput::ring grey [/scratchblocks]
How did you do that?????????
Edit: Never mind!

p tag around

Also, `` around both sides works.

[scratchblocks] ({hiiiiii} @addInput :: grey ring) [/scratchblocks]

I posted on the discourse meta to ask if we can disable @mentions inside of scratchblock tags.

Discourse interface, to the Tim's Radwan & Co Scratchblocks, made for THIS forum, uses generic post processing ("decorateCooked" in terms of Discourse). It works after any Discourse processing. To get more fine grained control it should be made from scratch as Markdown extension: https://meta.discourse.org/t/developers-guide-to-markdown-extensions/66023.

Ok. (Do you have any interest in making this?) :wink:

Not really... This component is just a leftover of my previous activity. I showed this to the OP of this thread "Help With Developing a Discourse Plugin for modified scratchblocks 'snap-blocks'" as a starting point.

[scratchblocks] yay!, now I can make better scratchblocks @greenFlag :: control [/scratchblocks]

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when flag clicked //I don't see the icons.
turn right (90) degrees //Do other users see them?