Update manual to 9.2 version?

So, currently manual is on version 8.0, that are some old ya. Maybe update it for new 9.2.10 version..?

Don't worry, they (the Snap! Team) are working on it.

Well, @bh is the one who writes the manual.

He should get a group of people who have good knowledge about Snap!, and can write formally and well.

Well, there is an unofficial snap wiki that anyone can edit.

Oh, man, I am so behind on everything, not just the manual. I'm really sorry.

Right now the manual is a Microsoft Word document lovingly tweaked to position things just right on each page, which makes it really hard even for me to update it, and more or less impossible for anyone else. We are starting a project to convert to a format that will allow online display as HTML as well as printing as PDF, editable by mortals, and then I can retire from the manual business. (I theoretically retired a decade ago, but am having a hard time really retiring, by which I don't mean not doing anything any more, but rather not doing anything that anyone else depends on.)

So, don't hold your breath for that, but we'll get there. Meanwhile, I'm very slowly working on getting caught up to date.


oh, im sorry, im understand