Unring function?

I wanna make a block that basically makes it input preform the “deringify” action
The search mine script pic 10
But I can’t find a good way to go about this
I using multiple call blocks is the closest I got, but what I want is that when you have a block that reports a ring, putting it in this block reports the value of that ring function, and using the call with inputs or pipe block would allow you to modify this output

I think I might have a solution:
untitled script pic (86)
If you wanted to use Pipe, you could alternatively do
untitled script pic (88)
There are tons of variations! You could even use
untitled script pic (92)

These blocks won't let you call with inputs, but it does do this:
untitled script pic (89) (reports 2)
untitled script pic (91) (reports the reporter (1 + 1))

deringify script pic

I'm genuinely confused as to what this block does.

  1. Putting a reporter - here, I'm using (_ + 1) - into this reporter outputs
    untitled script pic (93)
    not the output of the function (_ + 1), which is 1.

  2. It doesn't output the inner thingy, which is greyRing((_ + 1)):
    untitled script pic (94)

What is the purpose of this block? What does it do, if anything besides the visual of removing a ring from a block? Is there a practical use for it?

If you have a block that reports a ring, it will actually use the thing the block reports instead of just using the block itself that reports the ring

That's not calling the output of the block; it's calling the block itself because deringify is in call's ring. Right-click deringify and click unringify.

Yup, right, sorry, I forgot about that.
It turns out that (actually) calling the result of the deringify results in an error.
untitled script pic (96)

why do you need something like this anyway? it has no uses.

I agree with joecooldoo:

it has no uses.

d4s_over_dt4 is just showing off; you can't report a non-ringed block, because such a block isn't data. What he's reporting is a costume, not a block. You have to imagine yourself back in Scratch, where the only way to get a block in the scripting area is to use it in a script, where the block can only mean to run it right now, not to report it, put it in a variable, etc. What we added to that is the ability to put a block in a ring, which makes it data, just like numbers or text strings.

yeah im just trying that old bug report You can get blocks without their rings without JS

That's not true, he is indeed reporting a bugged block.

untitled script pic

Oh, Okay, sorry. Not a costume. But it's not a block in any meaningful sense; all you can do is look at it. I guess it's a zombie.

That’s just cursed

If you make a sprite "say" the zombie block, you can drag it from the speech bubble into the editor.

That works for all instances of blocks being displayed on the screen
Including inside of report blocks

No, you can't drag it out of result bubbles, if that's what you're talking about.

If it’s in a ring you can

I was talking about the bugged unringed blocks.

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